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Wallpaper: Android L

Official Android L wallpapers that will come in newest OS from Google

Yesterday, I've featured one "Android L" (inspired) wallpaper made by Andry. I didn't seen any new Android L wallpaper until now, but few moments ago I've seen a tweet that goes to International Business Times (via: XDA developers Forum) and there's a lots of new goodies from the new Android L OS, besides wallpapers can be found the new Google Play Services 5.0, Google Search APK, Google Playstore, Private Apps and Keyboard.
In this post are featured previews of the wallpapers and if you would like to save it, the download link is at the end of the gallery. All are made for smartphones, but because the resolution for almost all is at 4K size, can be made desktop backgrounds as well.

Wallpapers Preview
Wallpaper 1: Android L

Wallpaper 2: Android L

Wallpaper 3: Android L

Wallpaper 4: Android L

Wallpaper 5: Android L

Wallpaper 6: Android L

Wallpaper 7: Android L

Wallpaper 8: Android L

Wallpaper 9: Android L

Wallpaper 10: Android L

Download Link: Android L Wallpapers.