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Watch Dogs Season Pass HD

5 game titles featured in 5 HD wallpapers · Watch Dogs Season Pass is in the 1st 4K wallpaper listed below optimized for phones, tablets and desktop screens

Five HD wallpapers from various games are featured here in this mini collection and optimized for set up in phones, tablets and desktop backgrounds. The game titles are: Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Unity, Mirror's Edge 2, Lost Legends Part 2 and Nevermore the Shadow Fiend DOTA 2. Check them in full size by clicking on the resolution links from below of every image.

2014 Assassins Creed Unity HD

In the 2nd HD wallpaper is Assassin's Creed Unity game

Mirror Edge 2 2015 HD

Mirror's Edge 2 from 2015 is in the 3rd wallpaper listed in 4K, HD and wide sizes for set up in all phones, tablets and desktop backgrounds

Lost Legends Part 2 HD

In the 4th wallpaper is Lost Legends Part 2

Nevermore the Shadow Fiend DOTA 2 HD

And in the 5th HD wallpaper is featured "Nevermore the Shadow Fiend DOTA 2"

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