Fifa 15

Fifa 15 HD

3 HD wallpapers with the new Fifa 15 game are listed below in HD and wide size to be applied on a variety of large desktop screens

Here are three HD wallpapers from the most appreciated football video game, the newest version from FIFA. If you're a fan of the game probably you'll love these FIFA 15 wallpapers featured below and also at the end of the post you can watch two videos with the gameplay of the new Fifa 15. Chose your optimal resolution and click on the link to open the wallpaper in full size.

Fifa 15 2 HD

The 2nd wallpaper with Fifa 15 is below and Leo Messi is in the spotlights

Fifa 15 3 HD

Fifa 15 game in the 3rd HD wallpaper optimized below for apply in phones, tablets and desktop backgrounds

References: | Twitter @EASPORTSFIFA | Facebook Page | Screenshots via: Fifa Soccer Blog
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FIFA 15 Gameplay Features - Agility and Control

FIFA 15 Gameplay Features - Emotion and Intensity