Morning Dew on the Green Grass

Morning Dew on the Green Grass is in this HD wallpaper shared free by courtesy of Viktor and optimized below in 4K, HD and wide sizes for apply in any phone, tablet and desktop background if you like it

EXIF Metadata:
Camera: Canon EOS 400D | Taken: August 20, 2014
Settings: Exposure time: 1/4000 | Focal Length: 28.0 mm | Aperture: f 1.8 | ISO / Flash: 100 / OFF
Photographer: Viktor Hanacek from Czech Republic | (Viktor's Project with Free Pics) | Viktor's Blog
License: Free under these License Terms.
Viktor, thank you for your courtesy!
Dear visitors, the above image is featured here for use as wallpaper, for use in other projects please read the license terms.