HD Wallpaper: Windows 9 Polished

New fan art for the new Windows OS version (that actually will be called 10, not 9) can be seen in this 3D image that is available for download for personal use as desktop background and homescreen phone from Mat's courtesy.

Widescreen Desktop / Macbook: 1920x1200 (fits on: 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800)
Samsung Galaxy Tab & iPad: 1200x1200 (compatible with almost all tablets)
HTC, Samsung Galaxy & iPhone: 640x1136 (compatible with many smartphones)

Artist (©): Mat from Australia (deviantART Portfolio)
Mat, thank you for courtesy!
Dear visitors, the image can be saved only as background for desktop / macbook, tablet or smartphone. For any other use (online/offline projects) you must request Mat's permission.