HOT Yellow Lamborghini

HD Wallpaper: HOT Yellow Lamborghini

Lamborghini enthusiasts this photo is for you! Jiří Rotrekl took this image in Czech Republic and I think he applied a miniature effect. Check the image at full size to see how cool it is and if you like can be saved under CC0 license from his courtesy.

Widescreen Desktop / Macbook: 2560x1600 (fits on: 1920x1200, 1440x900, 1280x800)
Samsung Galaxy Tab & iPad: 1920x1920 (compatible with many tablets)
HTC, Samsung Galaxy & iPhone: 1080x1920 (compatible with many phones)

Photographer: Jiří Rotrekl from Brno, Czech Republic | Pixabay Portfolio
License: Public Domain CC0.
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