FA-18 and Mig-29 Fighter Aircraft

FA-18 Fighter Aircraft HD

Two new authentic pictures under the Airplanes label and shared free under the CC0 license by courtesy of Ronnie Böhme · In 1st wallpaper there's a FA-18 Fighter Aircraft which can be saved for 4K, HD and wide screens or maybe to use in other articles related to fighter planes, in webdesign projects...

Mig-29 Fighter Aircraft HD

And the Mig-29 Fighter Aircraft wallpaper is optimized below at HD and wide sizes to fit in phones, tablets and desktop backgrounds

Photographer: Ronnie Böhme (#2) (Ho7Dog) from Switzerland
License: Public Domain CC0.
Dear audience, if you use the pictures elsewhere, it would be nice to mention the photographer (and put a link to source if it's possible).
Thank you!