Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang HD

Yin and Yang ☯ symbol is in this picture created with cool effects in Photoshop by the talented German artist - Jonny Lindner · By his courtesy this HOT wallpaper is shared free under CC0 license and featured below in 4K, HD and wide sizes · Download the Yin and Yang wallpaper optimized for use in phones, tablets and desktop backgrounds or maybe for feature as header image in web articles, webdesign projects...

Artist: Jonny Lindner (aka: Comfreak) from Germany | Facebook Page | Instagram Portfolio | Pixabay Portfolio
Jonny's portfolio on uhdwallpapers.org
License: Public Domain CC0.
Dear visitors, if you use the picture elsewhere, it would be nice to mention the photographer (and put a link to source if it's possible).
Thank you!