Hourglass. Time is Money

4K HD Wallpaper: Hourglass. Time is Money · Top Free Picture for Desktop, Blogging...

From one of the most featured photographers here in gallery is this new free image related to time and money. Personally, I like the hourglass from this photo and how it looks on my phone background, but because it's related to money and time, this kind of image it's great for use in blog articles about finances, in social media posts, in web finance projects...
Of course, the main reason for presentation "Hourglass. Time is Money" here is to be set up as wallpaper in various phones, tablets, desktops and by courtesy of talented Steve Buissinne it's shared free under Public Domain CC0 license.

Photographer: Steve Buissinne from Sedgefield, Western Cape, South Africa | Pixabay Portfolio
License: Public Domain CC0.
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Thank you!