Insects in 3 Super Macro Images


4K HD Wallpaper: Insects in Macro Images · Free Photos by Laurentiu Virvoreanu

Sensational macro images with the head of 3 insects took by the talented Romanian photographer - Laurentiu Virvoreanu🏆 - and shared by his courtesy free under Public Domain CC0 license. The insects are really ugly, but have you ever seen an head insect at such level of details, I don't think so! These 3 photos are at premium quality from courtesy of Laurentiu and can be downloaded from here free for use maybe in school projects, as header image in a blog article about insects or of course are optimized for set up in tablets, phones and desktop backgrounds.

Insect 2

4K HD Wallpaper 2: Insect

Insect 3

4K HD Wallpaper 3: Insect

Photographer: Laurentiu Virvoreanu from Rovinari, Romania | Pixabay Portfolio (#2, #3)
License: Public Domain CC0.
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Thank you!