Military Helicopter

4K HD Wallpaper: Military HelicopteršŸš Air Force · Free Photo by Mariusz P.

Traveler and photographer - this is how Mariusz Prusaczyk is describing himself. This is the 1st image from portfolio of talented Polish photographer featured in blog's gallery and goes under the Airplanes and Helicopters collection. By courtesy of Mariusz, the image with this military helicopter in flight it's shared freešŸ†“ under Public Domain CC0 license. So, if you like the wallpaper with this helicopter, download from here and use in phones, tablets, desktop backgrounds, as header image in articles, social media posts, webdesign projects...

Photographer: Mariusz Prusaczyk from Sosnowiec, Poland | Twitter @curiosotravel | Facebook Page | Instagram Portfolio | Unsplash Portfolio
License: Public Domain CC0.
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