Muffin With Cream

4K HD Wallpaper: Muffin With Cream · Sweet Muffin in this Free Picture

If it's Sunday, let's try something sweet!😋 New photo related to Foods and Drinks category comes from portfolio of talented American photographer - Joseph Gonzalez - and by his courtesy is shared free under Public Domain CC0 license. Well, if you'd like to have this wallpaper with a tasty muffin in your devices, just choose the optimal size and click on link to open in it and with right click (long touch for mobile devices) save it as background or maybe you find useful as header image for a blog article, social media post, webdesign project...

Photographer: Joseph Gonzalez from Valparaiso, IN, USA | Twitter @miracle21 | Instagram Portfolio | Unsplash Portfolio
License: Public Domain CC0.
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