Mount Merapi

4K HD Wallpaper: Mount Merapi · Marvelous Landscape from Nature in this Picture

Mount Merapi is located in Suroteleng, Central Java, Indonesia and this new landscape photography was took by talented japanese photographer - Kaneori Miura - and shared by his courtesy under Public Domain CC0 license. This type of nature wallpaper looks #wow in desktop / notebook screen, so if you'd like to test it choose from below links the optimal size - 4K, wide or HD. Yes, it's optimized for tablets and phones too, but in vertical screens the view isn't the same.
Let me know through a comment in feedback section if you like nature wallpapers and would like to see more like this one. Thanks!

Photographer: Kaneori Miura (かねのり 三浦) from Yao City, Japan | Pixabay Portfolio
License: Public Domain CC0.
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