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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Almost all images that can be seen on blog can be saved for personal tablets, phones and desktop backgrounds (the license is usually - "only for personal backgrounds" - but there are posts that have specified other licenses directly in the posts page, such as "Creative Commons", "Public Domain", etc.).
2. Posts that are under the "Photographers" label doesn't contain images to be saved as wallpapers, those posts are galleries that feature and promote photographers and their artworks!
3. The author(s) are written usually at the end of the post or right after the image(s).
4. Few images that are featured in few posts that don't have an author are not uploaded on this blog, those are links that redirect to the origin site.
5. Please don't send me requests to give you permission to use an image for yours projects (contact directly the author) if that image is not free under a CC or CC0 license.
6. There are also few copyrighted images that was featured with the authors permission on blog and can be used only on PERSONAL tablets, phones and desktop backgrounds.

IF there are copyrighted wallpapers or redirected links to copyrighted wallpapers
IF any of the images/wallpapers from this blog is made by you and don't wish to be featured in my blog, please send me a link to the original image/wallpaper and tell me if you want it removed or not.
IF there are (re)direct links that go to your hosted image(s) and wish to be removed please send me a message through the above form or by email, and I'll remove it in a short time.

Also, please contact me if you wish to feature your image(s) on blog, it will be my pleasure to feature your artworks to be admired and appreciated.

At the end, I wish to thank you all for courtesy & for the wonderful images which compose the blog gallery!